Looking for holistic flooring solutions in the bustling city of London? Whether it be for sanding wood floors or installing laminate parquet flooring, SW1 Construction is the right choice for you.
We offer top-notch flooring solutions that are not only visually attractive but also practically useful. You can get the best floor sanding, fitting, repair, and care services from our floor specialists for a refined interior ambience and aesthetics,

Floor Sanding
Floor Sanding

Utilise floor sanding to refinish and restore your wooden floors. We will remove the top layer of the floor's surface to remove old finishes, stains, or scratches and create a smooth and even surface on which a new finish can be applied seamlessly.

Floor Fitting
Floor Fitting

Install flooring materials effectively in your space for a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable flooring solution. We can lay down various types of flooring, such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, parquet, or other materials, to create a beautiful finished and functional surface.

Floor Repair (1)
Floor Repair

Restore your damaged and deteriorated flooring and bring it back to a functional and beautiful condition. Whether your floors have wear and tear, damage from moisture, scratches, stains, or other issues, address them, extend the life of your flooring, and restore their appearance.

Floor Care
Floor Care

Maintain your flooring’s functionality and beauty with the best possible cleaning and after-care solutions. Our floor care services include cleaning, preventive measures, and addressing any specific issues to ensure that floors remain in optimal condition long term.

Other Flooring Service (1)
Other Flooring Services

Floor cleaning, re-oiling, re-finishing, gap-filling, buffing, and polishing are some other flooring services you can get for your property with us to maintain it effectively.

Get Customised Parquet Flooring & Other Solutions in London

We offer highly customised residential and commercial flooring solutions that cater to your unique needs and goals. Whether you want a service of sanding wood floors for a spot where there is high foot traffic in your commercial property or a repair service for a place where there is limited foot traffic in your residential one, we provide one-stop suitable flooring solutions that promise durability and practicality for years to come.
Consult with the top industry experts and select the best-suited flooring plans and services that fulfil your unique goals in the long run.


Readily Available Parquet Wood Flooring & Other Options

Choose our seasoned and skilled flooring experts and get high-quality flooring results for your property - whichever type of floor you need.

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Wood Flooring

Beautify your building with the best wooden flooring options - like solid hardwood, engineered wood, and parquet wood flooring - that give off a natural and cosy vibe.

Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl Flooring

Transform the interior of your building with the best synthetic vinyl floor options that are known for their affordable costs, low maintenance needs, and durability.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

Elevate your space with a cost-effective synthetic flooring material, like laminate parquet flooring, that replicates the exact look of natural materials such as wood or stone.


Renovate Your Parquet Laminate Flooring In Simple Steps

If you are looking for the ‘top flooring companies near me’ in London so you can conveniently get flooring services for sanding wood floors, parquet laminate flooring, or any other floor renovation, then the SW1 Construction team has got you covered. You can easily embark on your flooring project with our experts in the following simple steps:

  • Connect with us, have an in-depth consultation, and communicate your goals, budget, and project timeline with us.
  • Discuss the flooring options and designs that you want and evaluate which ones will be the most appropriate for you.
  • Let us execute the project with high-quality materials while you sit back and relax.
  • Experience open communication with our project managers and floor specialists to keep track.
  • Enjoy the completed flooring project within the mutually decided time frame.

Get an Affordable Rate For Your Sanding Wood Floors Project

Do you want a cost-effective and dedicated partner for your flooring project? SW1 Construction offers highly budget-friendly and detail-oriented flooring solutions so you do not have to stretch your budget thin. We believe in delivering quality and 100% satisfaction at affordable rates so that everyone can realise their dream space interiors effectively.
Contact us now and enjoy a trendy, in-style, and practical floor in your commercial or residential building at budget-friendly rates.

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