Are you troubled with insufficient kitchen space? Do you want to extend the capacity of your kitchen in London? We understand that the space in London properties is limited and relocation is very costly. In this case, you can expand your small kitchen - residential or commercial - into a large one with the best team of builders.
Our kitchen extension specialists make sure that you realise your spacious kitchen dream for a cosy culinary experience with your friends, family, and colleagues. Whichever kitchen style you want, L-shaped or open plan kitchen extensions, we will deliver exactly what you have envisioned.
Partner up with the best constructors and extension team for your kitchen expansion project and experience a refined kitchen experience.

Bespoke Kitchen Extension Plans For Different Types of Kitchens

You can get a detailed, bespoke kitchen expansion plan to fulfil all your unique needs. We get in touch with you before the execution of the project and talk about your wants, ideas, budget, and goals. Based on this in-depth consultation, we plan the best interior design and style for your kitchen expansion project.
Our team also emphasises the mutual pre-planning of kitchen design so you can enjoy a kitchen interior that aligns with your visualised version. Whether you are going for galley or open plan kitchen extensions, you can choose from diverse types of kitchen extension ideas. We offer customised services to extend the kitchens in the following layouts:


Kitchen island layout


Kitchen diner layout


One wall kitchen layout


Galley kitchen layout


L-shaped kitchen layout


U-shaped kitchen layout

Why Choose Us For Your Kitchen & Kitchen Diner Extension?

At SW1 Construction, we strongly believe in commitment, punctuality, transparency, and quality. Bringing your dream kitchen into reality and delivery beyond your expectations to ensure satisfaction is our passion and pride. With us, as your project partner, you can extend your kitchen with all-inclusive quality construction services.


One-Stop Extension Services

You can get one-stop extension services with our experienced team. From design and construction to finishing and installation, we offer all-inclusive extension solutions.


Creative Kitchen Designs

You can benefit from our interior designers and architects who craft creative kitchen designs that boost functionality and aesthetic appeal simultaneously.


Improved Dining Experience

You can also elevate your dining spaces with our kitchen expansion expertise in creating a well-integrated kitchen diner extension.


Effective Time Management

You can rely on our skilled project management team to seamlessly oversee the entire process and meet all the mutually decided deadlines.


Guaranteed Satisfaction

Revamp your kitchen with our experienced team and breathe new life into your home. Experience a flawless finish that exceeds your expectations with our personnel.


Promise of Durability and Quality

From materials to project execution, we prioritise quality and promise a highly durable kitchen extension that lasts for years to come.


Utilise an Orangery Kitchen Extension For More Room

Using an orangery or a garden room to extend your kitchen can provide a well-lit, cheerful, and cosy space. An orangery kitchen extension will help you connect with nature and rejuvenate in a soothing environment. It will not only bring lots of natural light into your kitchen but also give you ample space for a dining or living room.
With a stylish orangery, you can avail extra insulation and privacy while relishing in abundant natural light and soothing air. It will also serve as a convenient link between your property’s indoors and outdoors. This way, you can make your kitchen extension the favourite room in your home - where everybody wants to wind down and enjoy the colours of life.

Get a Budget-Friendly Kitchen Extension Cost Now

As the core room for your daily activities, having a spacious kitchen to accommodate everyone is significant. However, people hesitate to embark on such renovation projects because of a perceived high kitchen extension cost.
We offer cost-effective kitchen expansion solutions so you can enjoy a spacious kitchen without having to make holes in your pocket. An extended kitchen not only adds more room but also additional aesthetics to your property that increase your property’s value on the whole.
So, without waiting any longer, get in touch with the expert SW1 Construction team for a successful kitchen extension project in London.