A home is your safe place where you relax and enjoy the beauty of life with your family and friends. It is your sanctuary of love, comfort, and happiness. But what if your home is unsafe because of damages? Or it has become outdated with the latest changes in the trends? Home refurbishment can save you from all this - let me tell you how.
This type of situation can be very challenging because bigger homes in London have a huge premium amount. In addition, relocating to a new home creates its own costly and disruptive hassles. In this situation, home refurbishment is the best option you can choose to transform your existing home into your dream home effectively.

Join hands with the best home renovation team at SW1 Construction and make your dream home a reality now!

Different Types of Luxury Property Refurbishment For Homes

At SW1 Construction, we understand that there are many different situations when you might need a home refurbishment. Keeping this in view, we offer multiple types of home property renovation services such as kitchen renovation and interior design that are highly customised to fulfil your unique needs.

Eco-Friendly Refurb

Upgrade your antique, full-of-character home with the best energy solutions and decrease your costs.

Lifestyle Refurb

Transform your home to cater to all your new passions, such as painting, wine-making, or anything else.

Family Refurb

Renovate your home if you are expecting an addition to your family or a kid is moving out on their own.

Timely Refurb

Elevate your home’s look and functionality with timely repairs and replacements to keep it beautiful and safe for your loved ones.

Thus, if you are looking for house renovation in London and you want to connect with a team that pays attention to detail to deliver precise and top-quality home refresh results, then contact SW1 Construction today to kickstart your home and office refurbishment  project.

What Services Can You Get From Our Home Accidental Renovators?

With SW1 Construction as your home accidental refurb partner in London, you can get a wide range of services - from renovating plaster to entirely new woodwork for your home - to make it visually appealing and highly functioning. This way, you can easily ensure that all your family members and their needs are taken care of in your home.

Refined Craft Services (1)

Refined Craft Services

Your home must have enough storage space and look classy by encompassing the latest styles. To accomplish this, the expert woodwork and craftsmanship of our team play a vital role. We identify your needs, mutually design a plan with you, and then implement it. This way, you can enjoy the desired craft refurb results in the form of beautiful cabinets, shelves, tables, and much more

Secure Repair and Replacement

You can also utilise repair and replacement services for the different components of your home with SW1 Construction. Whether you are looking for a limelite renovating plaster application service, glasswork repair work, or staircase renovation to secure your home, our repair and replacement specialists will get the job done efficiently the very first time.

_Secure Repair and Replacement
Seamless Furniture Installation

Seamless Furniture Installation

Are you having furniture troubles in your home? Do not worry because SW1 Construction has got you covered. Whether you want to install furniture in one room or your overall home, you do not have to assemble or install anything at all. Our team will take care of every single thing. They will install new and even repair your existing furniture seamlessly while you sit back and relax with your loved ones.


Get Start to Finish Home Refurbishment Services Now

Start renovating your home now with SW1 Construction and save yourself from costly damages in the long run. Convert your current house into your dream home because you deserve to enjoy a happy familial life.

Dream Home Realisation

Make your dream home your reality and enjoy the colours of life in a beautiful and aesthetical home.

Bespoke Renovation Plans

You can get bespoke renovation plans at SW1 that cater to your family’s unique needs and wants.

Safe and Sound Environment

With our expert repair and replacement services, you can offer a secure environment for your loved ones.

Refined Visual Appearance

Upgrade your home’s visual appeal and value with up-to-date home refurbishment solutions.