Are you struggling with inadequate capacity? Do you want to add extra useful space in your London home? One solution that is often overlooked is the utilization of the loft space for room expansion.
A Velux loft conversion is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions to increase the capacity of your home. It is the best option when you have sufficient head-space in your loft. Moreover, less construction work is required for the conversion of a Velux loft as compared to other loft types. This fact leads to decreased hassles and disruptions in your daily familial life during the project.
Team up with our specialists and transform your Velux loft into a sufficient, attractive, and functional home space.

Customized Solutions For Large And Small Loft Conversion Projects in London

If you are looking for expert design, craftsmanship and dedication to convert your loft into a functional and visually appealing space, you are in the right place. SW1 Construction is the best conversion partner you can select for loft conversion London.
Our highly experienced team offers start to end customized solutions for your small or large loft as per your unique needs. This way, you can enjoy the best home ambience and environment with your friends and family.


Your Dream, Our Design & Craft Expertise

We all have a perfectly imagined visual of how we want our home to look. For the conversion project of your loft, you only have to share your dream with our team. Then, our team will work delicately to bring your dream to reality the very first time.
Whether you want to connect with the best interior designers or experienced craftsmen, SW1 has got your back. We will ensure a loft experience that you enjoy with an enjoyable atmosphere and sufficient loft space with excellent woodwork.

Swift Emergency Conversion Project Delivery

Do you have a very short time-frame to get your loft conversion London project complete? SW1 Construction can help you get it done seamlessly. With our expert project managers, we ensure that all the project milestones are achieved on time.
Moreover, our expert team members believe in transparent and open communication. It also helps you to keep track of things and ensure that the project does not go off track in terms of the project delivery deadline.


Top-Notch Repair and Replacement Service

Are you worried about some serious damage or common wear and tear in your home’s loft? Our loft conversion London specialists can easily refresh your loft with the finest repair and replacement skills.
Whether you want to transform your loft conversion stairs, floors, or anything else, our reliable team will repair and replace your loft components smoothly. This way, your loft will look fresh, be functional, and safe in the long run. Moreover, it will allow you and your loved ones to relish the best possible loft experience safely.

Utilize Your Loft Space For Your Needs Effectively With Our Loft Conversion London

Are you troubled with insufficient living space in your home? Buying a new home or even relocating to a new one is pretty expensive in the bustling city of London. In addition to this, these options also pose other inconveniences like packing and unpacking your belongings, disruption of relaxed daily life, and physical and mental fatigue among many others. An effective loft conversion London can get you out of this frustrating situation.
How, you may wonder? With loft conversions, you can easily create your desired space that not only fulfills your needs but also looks beautiful. Whether it be a spare bedroom, living room, in-house library, kids’ playroom, or any other room design, with the right loft conversion project partner you can get the best quality loft results.
Convert your loft with SW1 Construction as your trusted partner and solve your space issues with innovation, style, and convenience.

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Dormer services

Dormer Loft Conversion

Maximise space and, if you wish, add a dormer window.

L-Shaped Dormer

These are only suitable on certain properties such as Victorian properties with an addition to the rear. The L-Shape Dormer provides a significant amount of additional space.

New Build Loft Conversion

Traditional blockwork facilitates easier loft conversions in new builds compared to timber frames or SIPs, requiring special structural support.

velux loft conversion

Velux loft conversions offer cost-effective simplicity, ideal for spacious areas, with minimal disruption compared to other types—explore ideas, plans, and costs before investing.