Everyone wants to transform their house into a beautiful home. A home is where a person can unwind from the day’s worries and spend time with loved ones. It is a haven where life can smile and feel joy for man on earth. We build beautiful homes and transform simple houses into beautiful homes. SW1 construction is a platform that transforms the house area into a dream home through innovative techniques and design. Home refurbishment is a service that transforms the house’s structure into a new one without creating any mess. Increase property value and make it a beautiful and functional place to live.

Design your house again with Home Refurbishment 

Home refurbishment is a service that changes the look of a house and gives it a new look. It includes home renovations and improvements that increase the property’s value and make it more attractive. The service covers all areas and works on every single part of the home. Covering all house needs from interior to exterior, floor to roof, and repair to installation. Also improves the previous structure and makes its structure more functional. The budget varies according to individual needs; some people want a new installation, which costs more, and some people just want to upgrade the interior.

Update old structural homes with modernity and make life easier with modern changes. Meet all needs with home refurbishment, either installing a kitchen extension or designing a loft. All the changes help to create more space in the area and make it more beautiful for peaceful living. The service covers all needs and requirements, fixing all minor and significant damages, painting the interior and exterior, upgrading the kitchen and bathroom, utilising the area for garage conversion, making room for use, and new installation.

Upgrade the workplace with Office Refurbishment

Home renovations help design an office in the home space, saving time and energy to go to the office. Office renovation also helps to create and upgrade the old, dull office space with a modern design. Companies design their offices to help their workers work independently, changing the look of the workplace and making it more attractive to workers and customers. Experts suggest changes according to the space and modern requirements. 

Office refurbishment London occurs when the office area is unsuitable for workers. Workplaces represent businesses that add value to a business. The expert advised dividing the area and designing the department to suit the needs. Design a perfect area for workers, a play area, a dining room, and meeting rooms. Development and renovation will improve the area and fulfil the space requirement.

Add more area in the home with loft conversions

A loft conversion is one of the most effective steps in a home refurbishment project. The goal of a loft is to provide additional space without extending the home. It provides more space, which helps organise different purposes, natural light, and air for proper ventilation, which maintains the temperature of the house. The inside dormer loft conversion includes a box-like structure installed on the area’s roof that gives the house an elegant look. Vertical walls and a horizontal dormer roof provide more living space.

Loft conversions provide areas to design new spaces as desired, such as an office workplace, living area, study area, kitchen, dining area, or play area. Another beautiful loft is an L-shaped loft conversion with two dormers. The main dormer is built into the central roof, and the other is attached to a rare outrigger roof that resembles an L-shaped structure. The structure includes proper flooring, beautiful ceilings, and windows for natural light and ventilation. 

Rebuild your kitchen with a kitchen extension

The kitchen is the heart of every home; it is the energy source of the house or building. In a home renovation project, kitchen maintenance plays an important role. Meeting the kitchen’s needs and maintaining the kitchen’s structure saves you from the burden of service of kitchen renovation near me. Transform an outdated kitchen into a modern one, provide more space for cooking and eating, socialising and spending quality time with the family, properly adjust appliances, and improve the texture of the ceiling and floor. Cover all kitchen needs efficiently. 

Kitchen extensions help change the kitchen’s look by adding more beauty and enhancing its functionality. They make cooking and serving food easier, provide space for dining, and convert unused space into functional space. Additionally, windows and chimneys are installed to improve the interior of the kitchen and provide better ventilation. The extension makes the kitchen area valuable and beautiful, which attracts people. The cost of a kitchen extension project depends on the extension type and the person’s needs.

Upgrade the house with interior design 

Turn unused garage space into a functional one with a garage conversion. The extra garage space can be used for more work if your garage is attached to the house. The garage conversion cost varies according to individual needs, with around £18,000. A garage conversion helps turn unused space into something useful; this area can be an office, bedroom, home gym or even a small guest house with a bathroom and kitchen. A home renovation project increases the value of the property while taking care of the health standards of the residents. 

Interior design is a service that enhances the interior structure of the house, including the layout of the house, the division of the rooms, the selection of colours according to the area, and the selection of furniture and accessories. It makes the place more attractive and adds value to the property. Interior design improves the appearance of a building, pursues the visual goals of individuals, maintains the health of the building and provides a safe environment. Interior design plays a vital role in home renovation, which includes taking care of the house’s interior structure, the condition of the floor and ceiling, the condition of the walls, and meeting the needs of the house’s interior.

Wrapping Up

SW1 Construction is a platform that provides a seamless home refurbishment service that transforms a house into a dream home. We consider every instruction and design the area according to your idea. Turn your home according to your thoughts. Share your ideas with us, and we make them a reality. We transform your home, improve floor and ceiling design, install new windows, replace furniture, and utilise unused space.